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Horace Millichamp Moore-Jones

Horace Millichamp Moore-Jones was a painter in oil, watercolour and pastels. He was born in England in 1868, and settled in Auckland with his parents in 1885. He moved to Sydney in 1888, studying art in both Sydney and London.

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Moore-Jones enlisted in the British section of the NZEF (New Zealand Expeditionary Force) in 1914, aged 47, and served as a Sapper in the 1st Company NZ Engineers at Gallipoli. There, he worked for Lieutenant-General Sir William Birdwood's Anzac Corps Headquarters as a topographical draughtsman. He also worked on a large series of watercolours and drawings of the Anzac landscape, some of which were later completed in England. He was wounded in 1915.

Moore-Jones exhibited his artworks in London, including a private showing to the Royal Family. A portfolio of his prints was published in 1916, and an exhibition of his works toured New Zealand in 1917 to raise funds for the RSA. The New Zealand Government turned down the opportunity to purchase this collection, which was later purchased by Australia for the Australian War Memorial.

Moore-Jones died of burns received while rescuing people from the Hamilton Hotel fire in 1922.