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Russell Clark, Flight Lieutenant D Beauchamp, DFC, c.1943-1944

Ref: AAAC 898 NCWA 242

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Flight Officer (later Flight Lieutenant) D. S. Beauchamp was awarded the Dinstinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for his actions in February 1944 in rescuing five downed U.S. airmen.

While captaining a routine patrol, Beauchamp and his crew found the five surviving airmen approximately 160 kilometres south of Nauru. They were returning from a raid when they were forced to down their B-24 Liberator. Conditions were rough, with swells of about 9 metres, and the radio in Beauchamp's Catalina flying boat had become unserviceable. Unable to contact headquarters with the Catalina's position (which gave the rescue an element of risk as headquarters would not know their position should the Catalina go down) Flight Officer Beauchamp decided to pick up the downed airmen. The rescue was a success and Beauchamp received the DFC for placing the lives of the Liberator crew above his own.

Oil, 436 x 364mm
Medals: Distinguished Flying Cross

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